The American College of CBD & Cannabis was created to ensure physicians are fully aware of the medical uses of CBD and cannabis and how to best utilize them in their practices. With a ever changing regulatory landscape, ACCBD members are kept up to date with all changes they need to know. As the use cases for CBD and cannabis in the medical field continues to grow, it is vital to know the best practices in their applications. By joining the ACCBD, patients will feel comforted by knowing their physicians have the knowledge to assist them with CBD and cannabis therapies.
Get the most recent Federal and State law regulatory updates by renowned attorneys.
Learn how to incorporate and monetize CBD in your medical practice.
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Importantly, ACCBD is in no way affiliated with any manufacturer, grower or pharmaceutical company and therefore can provide unbiased, independent and scientific information to its members and attendees.

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The ACCBD is the “go-to” resource for medical professionals in their pursuit of educational and new/medically relevant changes in the CBD and medicinal cannabis space. The educational platform is composed of conferences, seminars/meetings, online education, newsletters and white papers by leading authorities in the space.


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